Who are we and what do we do?

Our commitment to great service and plans that fit are just part of why we've grown every year since 2020.A platform built with top of the line software & hardware, crafted to provide the best web hosting experience with security, availability, performance and the dependency necessary to create our state of the art hosting platform for our customers. It’s this experience that we strive to provide to our customers when they use sdiytech services for their various needs.

Our Values

Reliable servers, great web hosting, fully managed, knowledgeable on-shore technical team - check our reviews anywhere on the web if you have any doubts!

99.99% Proven Uptime

We talk about dependability a lot because it is a core value at sdiytech. We strive to be dependable no matter the customer or plan because that is what our customers deserve!

Instant FREE Setup

We don't charge for setup and It's faster than fast - it's instant. Pay now, login now - simple, right?

Ultra-High Performance

With optimized software and SSD RAID ran on premium hardware and networking, you've got a successful hosting solution at sdiytech.

DDoS Protection

Security optimizations as well as our custom DDoS protection, are preconfigured to your installation BEFORE ever logging into your account for the first time!

100% Fully Managed

We take care of the technical configuration, optimization, security procedures, backups, migrations and much, much more!

24/7/365 Support

The technical team is always on duty, proactively rectifying, and responding to your hosting issues around the clock, every day of the year.

Our Location

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